Building Highly Effective Teams

Problem: The stresses of present economic conditions and shifting market forces have increased external pressures on organizations. These pressures are often passed on to teams, who are expected to solve the organization’s problems and set new directions. Additionally, many teams struggle from their inception with unclear mandates, inadequate authority, and conflicting agendas among members.

Without effective processes and tools to create sustainable change, team members will bicker over who is right or wrong about specific issues, default to power struggles over resources, and disintegrate into personality conflicts. This in turn can result in fissures that produce adverse ripple effects throughout the system, compounding productivity and retention problems. Unfortunately many team-building exercises or project-team planning programs that attempt to redress such difficulties do not produce the desired affects because such efforts are rarely aligned with the team's or the organization's Elements of Success.

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How can you help your team function better?

  • Assess your team's current balance - as a whole and as individual contributors.
  • Balance the Elements of Success for the team and all its members.
  • Align all the elements to further strengthen your team's chain of success.
  • Identify and commit as a group to specific actions that will strengthen your team's  effectiveness. 

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