Creating Sustainable Organizational Change

Problem: Present economic conditions have forced many organizations to take drastic actions to survive. Simultaneously, they must lay the groundwork that is necessary to thrive in the highly-uncertain “new normal.” Rather than reacting reflexively, organizations need to strategically adapt so they are able to operate more systemically and effectively while facing increasingly complex challenges.

Unfortunately many attempts at organizational change (leadership development, team building, strategic planning, and restructuring) are not strategically aligned with each other. Therefore they are not likely to produce the desired effects, even if tremendous effort, expertise, and large sums of money are poured into them.

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How can you strengthen your organization's effectiveness?

  • Assess the current balance of the Elements throughout your organization.
  • Take action to balance the Elements of Success in the whole system.
  • Align all the elements to further strengthen your organization's likelihood of success.
  • Identify and commit to specific actions that will strengthen your system's success chain.

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