Activating Leadership

Problem: Present economic conditions have forced many leaders to take immediate drastic actions to help their organizations survive. Simultaneously, they have to lay the groundwork necessary to thrive in the highly uncertain “new normal.” Leaders need innovative ways to meet challenges such as increasingly complex global markets, substantial changes in the role of government, ethics/compliance oversight, and fundamental changes in the employer-employee relationship. An aging workforce, retirements, and insufficient leader training in the past decade have led to reasonable concerns about unfilled leadership pipelines – a problem that could be compounded by talent-wars when the economy improves.

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How can you strengthen your own leadership?

  • Assess your current leadership balance among the 5 elements.
  • Balance the Elements of Success.
  • Align all the elemental links to strengthen your "success chain." 
  • Identify and commit to specific actions to strengthen your leadership effectiveness.

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