Who We Help

The secret of success is constancy of purpose. -- Disraeli

The Balancing Act can help, well, just about everyone!  That is, wherever there is action with purpose, there is the opportunity to improve the likelihood of success.

Individuals seek personal success -- and at the same time we all belong to groups and communities that cooperate to achieve shared collective success.  

The 5 Elements of Success are fundamentally the same for all these individuals and groups.  However, the methods for strengthening these Elements of Success differ between them.  Read more below about the ways TCI can specifically help individuals or groups achieve success on their own terms.

The critical elements leading to personal success are often the most difficult to express, yet may be the easiest to improve because the focus is on a single individual.  Read more

Certain individuals stand out in their dedication to furthering the collective success of a group.  They are called leaders.  Helping leaders achieve both personal and group success brings special challenges and rewards.  Read more

Teams are relatively small groups of people who come together to further a common purpose.  In most cases, each teammate plays a different and critical role in determining the overall success of the team.  Helping teams achieve success requires attention to each individual as well as the team as a whole.  Read more

Organizations are groups of people bound by a common purpose, and they have a "life" of their own independent of the individuals that are associated with them over time.  The group processes--social, political, cultural--that embody purpose-driven behavior require special methods and approaches to strengthening organizational success.  Read more