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Executive Career Seminar: “Perfect for anyone in a transition point”

Situation: An executive forum based on The Balancing Act process for career transition was held many times by a prestigious outplacement firm based in Boston, MA.  The average annual earnings of these executives was $148K, and they came from diverse industries including Financial Services, Health Care, Information Technology, Biopharmaceutical, Education and Utilities.

Action: Up to 10 executives met weekly in each eight-session forum.  They also received pre and post testing to measure the results--which turned out to be remarkable on many levels.

Results:  Participants increased their Personal Balance Sheet Scores from Week 1 to Week 7 by 9-13%! They rated the sessions 9.75 (out of possible 10) and said they were “very likely” to continue using the Elements of Success (9.63 out of 10). Participants made extraordinary strides, many breaking out into entirely new careers. Perhaps even more telling was the unexpected result that many groups of participants continued to meet on their own, with some maintaining contact with each other for years after the forum.


Client Comment:

I had the great fortune of participating in an Executive Forum that helped identify the challenges many of my colleagues and I faced in the job market and in our respective industries.

The TCI facilitators did an impressive job introducing The Balancing Act to help us explore realistic strategies for achieving our goals.... I have recommended both the book and [TCI facilitators] to many of my friends and colleagues, and hope that they benefit from their excellent advice on executive development.

- Director, Executive MBA Program at University


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From Community College to Prestigious Private College – “I’ve finally come home to the best part of myself”

Situation: An attorney in a Human Resources compliance position at an east coast community college was very successful for the first two years in her job. Unfortunately, due to lay-offs in her department, she was assigned new tasks that were not part of original mandate--and in which she was neither experienced nor skilled. Her manager became increasingly critical of her. The client was so demoralized by 18 months of constant criticism that she became depressed; this only increased the difficulty in functioning well at her job. Things finally came to a head when her manager indicated at her performance review that her contract would not be renewed.  She began looking for work, but her self-esteem was so low that she did not interview well—and received no offers of employment.

Action: This client was referred to TCI by a satisfied executive coaching client. We worked together to develop a strong strategy while also rebuilding her psychological boundaries at work so she experienced no further emotional decline and did herself no further political damage. We also began conducting informational interviews and networking. At first she was disinclined to do these social activities, but she persisted at our urging and as a result, became much clearer about the kinds of work for which she was best suited.

Results: This client generated interviews with several universities. She was the first-ranked client for Diversity Director at the prestigious private liberal arts college for women that she had attended briefly as an exchange student. She loved that school and felt most “at home” with herself when there. However, due to family pressures, she was not allowed to continue there—and she has always regretted it.  She reports that she feels as if she’s finally “come home” to the place and position for which she was destined, and where she can function at her very best.  And, the icing on the cake is that her salary has increased by 30% in this higher level position, and she reports directly to the president. Interestingly, during the time we worked together she repaired her relationship with her manager sufficiently so that she was given an excellent reference with no hint of hesitancy. 



Client Comment:

I was in the midst of transitioning out of a job and seeking guidance on how to re-focus my career. Having already interviewed half a dozen career coaches, I was beginning to doubt that I would find the right person.

When I finally spoke with [my TCI coach], I immediately knew that she would help take me to this next level in my life. Her coaching process, based on the book, The Balancing Act, went beyond just common sense advice and the mechanics of understanding your strengths. The TBA philosophy is built around using a deeply spiritual approach to balance your life, relationships and career.

I learned that the right decisions in my life should come clearly and easily. By applying these teachings, over time, those right "answers" came to me and ultimately allowed our family make a move across the country and helped me find the right job. I would highly recommend anyone looking for re-balancing their life to reach out to TCI.

Director of Marketing, Manufacturing Firm



From Big Banking to Non-profit Ventures – “I had to break free or lose my mind.”

Situation: A highly accomplished Senior Vice President with an entire career in the banking and investment industry decided, after yet one more corporate merger, that she had to get out of the field or lose her mind. Her hope was to use her considerable gifts in a non-profit organization that would have stronger alignment with her core values and personal identity. 

Action:  She and I determined her core values and the capabilities she could offer non-profit organizations. We then researched opportunities available in the area, examined a number of options, and set priorities. We also had to repeatedly confront her fears that others’ would not see the value she brought from another field. From her new, clearly defined direction, she was able to network with much more confidence. As a result, she landed two offers. She decided to accept a position as the Director of a research group at a prestigious Ivy-based Medical Department—happily handed in her resignation, and was off to her new career.

Results: There’s more to the story. For six years, this client excelled in her new industry and job. We met intermittently for executive coaching. She did a brilliant job building the group’s brand, expanding the board, and landing millions of dollars annually in fundraising efforts. In fact, she did such a great job that she was invited by the Public School of Health at this same Ivy university to head their capital campaign. She decided that this extraordinary opportunity would allow her to work in a field for which she had even more affinity, while also allowing her to make a strong leap forward professionally.