Success Stories

The Coreporation Inc (TCI) has helped thousands of people profoundly change their lives, relationships and organizations. Here you can see many kinds of Success Stories, starting with individuals who have changed jobs, careers, or industries. You'll also find inspiring examples of new entrepreneurs who opted out of business-as-usual to create their own companies (allowing them to make better use their gifts and lead happier lives).

Organizations have asked us to coach high-talent executives so that they stayed and thrived, rather than continued to struggle, in their jobs. They also have also employed TCI to proactively develop leaders' skills, increase the effectiveness and cohesion of teams, and change organizational culture by diagnosing existing strengths and weaknesses, then crafting comprehensive strategies to resolve systemic problems. 

The business partners at The Coreporation, Inc (TCI) help each of our clients reclaim their responsibility and power to create a miracle* in their lives and work. Here you will find some of these stories that reflect the effectiveness of The Balancing Act process for making lasting positive change. We hope our summary of these stories does justice to what these people accomplished, often against considerable odds.

* We enjoy the fact that the words reclaim and miracle are anagrams, making it easier to remember how intricately the two are interwoven.