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SOS is a First Aid Kit with 101 Really Fast Ways to Relieve Stress (in only 6 seconds to 6 minutes).

SOS is based upon The Balancing Act: Mastering the 5 Elements of Succes in Life, Relationships and Work.  Go to to learn about, or to purchase, The Balancing Act in print or as an eBook.

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The Balancing Act’s powerful CHANGE model has 6 simple steps.


Step 1. Reset (Core) 

Step 2. Reframe (Vision)

Step 3. Reprioritize (Mission)

Step 4. Relate (Interactions) 

Step 5. Repeat (Structure) 

Step 6. Reform (Synergy) 



CHANGE can also be remembered with these key words:

  1. Center
  2. Hope
  3. Act
  4. Navigate
  5. Grow
  6. Evolve

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SOS Core Techniques



To learn more about the Core, read pages 35-48 in The Balancing Act. To read more about TBA or to purchase it, go to


#1: Experience the Calming Core Element

Experience the element of Core with this video:

Progressive relaxation video

#2: Stealth Breath

#3: Walking Breath

SOS more at SOS #1 & #2.

#4: Emergency Breath

#5: Soothing Sounds

Put key words into YouTube (sleep, relaxation, meditation) and also see relaxation channels.

Sleep, deep relaxation & meditation:

Classical music for relaxation (piano):

Classical music for studying (Mozart):

Classical music for relaxed reading (Chopin, Bach, Schubert, etc):

Classical Indian music (sitar):

Ocean waves:

Native American Flute: (

Gentle Rain:

Zen Garden: (

See also online radio stations such as AccuRadio (especially Classical stations and Textures channel),

#6: Small Universe

For more about Dr. Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong (Tai chi):

#7: Countdown

Go to or

#8: Access Your GPS

The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size by Danish science writer Tor Norretranders.

#9: Sing those Blues Away  

Don't Worry, Be Happy:

Singing blues away often means singing songs from people who have overcome much worse obstacles:

New Song movement (Canto Nuevo) from South and Central America 

Civil Rights movement in America

See also several Blues channels at Accuradio

#10: Beam Me Up  

See Christie Sheldon:

#11: Lightning Strikes

Go to these internal links on the TCI website to take a free Core Type quiz to learn your preferences among the ten heroic Core Types.

You can also read Working from Your Core to learn how to access the advice of these 10 kinds of internal heroes.

#12: Breathe a Smile In — Breathe Toxins Out

See more at SOS #58.

#13: Call a Time Out  

See SOS #2, #44, #78 and #84 for time out ideas.

Research on breaks:

Tony Schwartz, in HBR Blog Network: (

#14: No More Waiting to Exhale

#15: Talk to your Smartest Self

See more at SOS #8. 

#16: Make a Space around the Pain

Option 1: 2-minute demo of easy Sedona technique (

Option #2 technique is derived from stories in Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth (from Chapter Six: Breaking Free).

See more at or

#17: Sounds and Silence



SOS Vision Techniques



To learn more about Vision, read pages 68-84 in The Balancing Act. To read more about TBA or to purchase it, go to


#18: Experience the Inspiring Vision Element

Experience the element of Vision with this video:

#19: STOP IT!

Watch this famous Bob Newhart video (

#20: Take a Laughter Break

The Daily Show (Jon Stewart)

SNL programs old and new (particular during election years);

Whose Line is it Anyway?:

CNN Distraction:


Go to SOS #60 to learn about Laughter Yoga.

For Jester: political comic movement sweeping the Middle East, including Bassem Youssef, the "Jon Stewart of Egypt”, and

Saudi comics Hisham Fageeh and Fahad al-Butairi “No Woman, No Drive”:

Read about the Jester Core Type, described in Working from Your Core,

Baby&Beyonce (;

Twins & Daddy'sGuitar (;

FunnyCats (;

 Dog & Baby (

#21: Slow Down Your Brain Waves

Go to youtube & input:

Gamma (deepest):

Delta (deep sleep):

Theta (deep meditation and relaxation):

Alpha (relaxation, meditation, concentration, study):

#22: The Tetris Effect

Read The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Anchor (See Shawn Anchor

Check out alternate “good news” sites:

#23: Get Inspired

Read daily inspirational quotes (

Create a Vision board or use Pinterest, WeHeartIt, or similar visual sites as your Vision Boards

#24: Time Travel (Anticipation & Memories)

#25: Mirror of the Mind

link to “Mirror of the Mind” at

#26: C’mon, Get Happy!

Martin Seligman, website: to check out the Happiness Project.

Visit to get yourself a smart phone app

Videos to the classic song C’mon, Get Happy!

#27: How Much Will this Matter in…?

#28: How Did You Contribute to This?

Both The Balancing Act and SOS: Switch Off Stress are deeply rooted in pragmatism, which helps our clients increase their resilience in meeting challenges and improve their ability to learn and adapt in shifting environments.  

#29: Mental Shielding

#30: Subliminal Stress Relief

Got to

Free demo to improve your self-confidence ( track =newblogbanner).

#31: Reframe Stress as a Friend and Teacher

#32: Give Your Eyes a Break

#33: Participant/Observer Dual Lens

go to

#34: Observe, Ask, Learn, Adapt

Go to SOS #28 to read about pragmatism and action learning.



SOS Mission Techniques



To learn more about Mission, read pages 100-111 in The Balancing Act To read more about TBA or to purchase it, go to 

#35: Experience the Motivating Element of Mission

Experience the element of Mission audio with this video:

#36: The 5 Rites of Rejuvenation

Download a free copy of The Eye of Revelation at (link is about two-thirds down the landing page). The web site that offers this free book has other services available if you wish to develop the 5 Tibetans practice further.

#37: Set a Strong Intention

 See Learn more about SOS #6

Access seven free meditation/relaxation lessons from Goldman meditation-guide.

The three-finger anchor technique is used in the Silva Method (You can get a free Silva Starter Kit by visiting

#38: Just Do it!

 Read about pragmatism and the action-learning cycle in Learn more about SOS #28.

#39: Activate Your Energy (The 20-Second Rule)

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor (refer to his chapter on the 20 Second Rule.)

View Csikszentmihalyi’s TedTalk “Flow, the Secret to Happiness” at

#40: Dance, Stomp, Drum

Dance in Short Bursts (SOS #42)

Enjoy McFerrin & crew in “Don't Worry, Be Happy” ( detailpage&v=d-diB65scQU).

See Studs Terkel’s famous book Working.

Watch dancing traffic cop (

Dancing street performer (

Salsa dancing (

Belly dancing (

Hip hop (

Stomp dance sample (

Stomp instructions (

Drumming using household items (

#41: Stand Up

Do web search for “standing desk” to find options for creating or buying your own standing-desk or a less-expensive standing computer stand.

Sitting is the new smoking: http://www.ted.comtalks/nilofer_Merchant_got_a_meeting_take_a_walk and

#42: Short Bursts

Check out the following information about short burst workouts:

#43: Do One Thing

Article by Christine Rosen (

See also: 

and “The Truth about Multi-tasking” at

#44: Shake it, Baby, Shake it!

See whole-body vibration by reading the following articles:

#45: Make a Decision: Change, Accept or Leave

Look to The Balancing Act’s CHANGE process in Appendix A.

You can also check out Alan Deutschman’s excellent book Change or Die.

#46: Never Fail

Tim Phizackerley of PSTEC fame:

#46: Never Fail

Go to to learn more about Tim Phizackerley’s proprietary methods and the many exciting programs he has built.  

Go to Learn more about SOS #54.

#47: Reduce Resistance

Refer back to SOS #39  (the 20-second rule)

See SOS #53 and #54.

#48: Power Poses amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are

 See SOS #58.

#49: Choose Your Weapon (Conflict Style)

Take the Thomas Hartman Conflict Management quiz so you can discover your preferred conflict style.

(Go to docs/conflict-management-styles-quiz.pdf.) 

#50: Now Power

Reading Eckhart Tolle’s books, The Power of Now or The New Earth, or by visiting where there are many free resources, including a self-directed course, videos and articles.

See Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

#51: Respect Your Desires

Read the classic works of New Thought leaders, Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill, whose challenging landmark works have stood the test of time. Here are the audio books: Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich ( and Wattles’ famous 1920 text The Science of Getting Rich


SOS Interactions Techniques




To learn more about the Core, read pages 131-142 in The Balancing Act To read more about TBA or to purchase it, go to

#52: Experience Compassionate Element of Interactions

Click on the Interactions audio at TCI's home page:

 #53: Transform Negative Emotions

See Reduce Resistance, SOS #47.

“Try it on Everything” (

#54: PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique)

Go to, read the testimonials, FAQs, and community forum; you can also get free PSTEC audio tracks (you will find them at the bottom of home page).

#55: Tend and Befriend

#56: Get Over Yourself

See SOS #19 to “Stop It!”

#57: Small Acts of Kindness

Writer Ann Herbert called for people to "practice random acts of kindness, and senseless acts of beauty".

See BBC News article:

Go to for ideas about teaching children how to practice kindness.

For more ideas, check out:

‎Learn more about SOS #56.

#58: Smile

Leo Widrich wrote a terrific article on smiling, including three recommended steps to becoming a better smiler.


Charlie Chaplin who wrote the song “Smile” for his classic 1936 film Modern Times:

#59: Smile at Three Extra People

See Learn more about SOS #58 to understand the many benefits of smiling.

In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Anchor talks about “mirror neurons” (specialized brain cells that mimic the feelings and actions of the people around us).

#60: Try out Laughter Yoga

See for many resources.

Listen to this terrific TED talk with specific instructions to do Laughter Yoga (

Check out Kataria’s TedTalk and the Laughter Yoga site.

Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins. Read back-story on the Cousins-Kataria link ( in this article.

Excellent article (

A video of 40 Laughter Yoga techniques (

You can also go to SOS #20 to read more about the health benefits of laughter.

#61: Find a Choir to Join

Research published about benefits of being in choir in the Journal of Music Therapy (2004).

#62: Loving Kindness

Loving kindness meditation video ( with excellent instructions.

Read book Loving Kindness by Sharon Salzburg.

#64: Give (and Get) a Hug

See the comprehensive list compiled by Australian yoga instructor, Marus Julian Felicetti at

#65: Say Thank You

Go to Learn more about SOS #89.

#66: Reversal Tapping

This is a variation on Emotional Freedom Technique (see SOS #53). I learned this technique from the Crack Your Egg course by Henk Schram. For more information about this excellent program, go to

#67: Connect with a Critter

#68: What Are You Feeling?


SOS Structure Techniques


To learn more about Structure, read pages 165-176 in The Balancing Act .To read more about TBA or to purchase it, go to 

#69: Experience the Steadying Element of Structure

Experience the fifth Element of Structure by listening to this video:

#70: Brain Gym

Go to

Brain Gym demo for chldren (

#71: Hydrate Your Body

See SOS #39, 20-second rule.

#72: Bless Your Food and Water

See SOS #79.

Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan: “Thank you, I love you.”

See HaloSource as an example.

Read about Emoto’s research at

Watch this video about Emoto’s experiments (

#73: Ear Massage

A full ear massage (

#74: Slanting (Inversion)

Easy Slanting: Relieve Stress in 5 minutes a Day by Julia Busch.

#75: S-t-r-e-t-c-h


Here are some instructions for simple stretching exercises:

Yoga for beginners (; 20 minutes)

Yoga 101 (; 30 minutes) yoga/poses/beginner-yoga-poses/ od/yogasequences/tp/Simple-Yoga-Exercises.htm.

#76: Sun Salutation for Beginners

#77: An Apple a Day


See why apples make such a good sleep aide:

#78: Tea Time

See the many benefits of tea:

#79: Remind Yourself to Eat Slowly

#80: You Snooze à You Win! health-benefits-power-naps-cat-naps-5528437.html. – see sleep section

#81: Treat One of Your 5 Senses

See SOS #64 and #73.

#82: Take a Break in Nature

#83: Schedule Stress Breaks

#84: Get a Boost from Brain Food (search “brain food” for archived articles on research findings) (search “brain food” for Brain Food: Super Foods to Improve Your Cognitive Function). (search “brainpower” for article entitled10 Foods to Boost Your Brainpower‎) --read excellent article by David DiSalvo: What Eating Too Much Sugar Does to your Brain

#85: Clean-Sort-Move-File

Short Bursts, SOS #42.


SOS Synergy Techniques


To learn more about Synergy, read pages 215-226 in The Balancing Act.  To read more about TBA or to purchase it, go to




#86: Experience the Flow of Synergy

Click on the Synergy audio at TCI's home page:

#87: Ho’oponopono

See Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len at

Read Zero Limits by Len and Joe Vitale.

#88: The Healing Code

Alexander Lloyd’s book, The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue (Also see samples of “truth statements”.)

See Diane Eble for demonstration (

Or visit

#89: Express Gratitude

Also see SOS #65.

Books by Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology: Learned Optimism and Authentic Happiness.

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor.

#90: OM Sounding

  #1  (; 6 minutes)

 #2.  (; extended)

To learn more about the creation stories of other cultures, read The Balancing Act,

#91: I Am That I Am

#92: When in Doubt, Pray

The Healing Power of Prayer: The Surprising Connection between Prayer and Your Health (by Chester Tolson Ph.D., Harold Koenig M.D., and J. Charles)

See (search “Can Prayer Heal?” in archive.)

#93: All is Well

Louise Hays book – All is Well

Well-being meditation by Ester Hicks that sets the 3/5 breath-count to music (

Compositions of Hildegard of Bingen ( Dehwp_dRlYQ).

See "Vision” CD which was released to great acclaim in 1994.

#94: Healing Circle

#95: The 5 Element Mantra

#96: Find the Roots of Your Distress

#97: Get the Binaural Beat

#98: Portable Spa Treatment

For more information, read The Balancing Act.

#99: This Too Will Pass (The Holographic Universe)

See learn more about SOS #99.

Read The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, in which he describes Bohm’s and Pribram’s work—or read their works directly.

Explore New Thought leader Wallace Wattles’ classic book The Science of Being Great

#100: Get a Great Night’s Sleep (Top 10 Fast Tricks) for sleep section

See SOS #77 for research rationale.

#101: The Balance Beam

We’ll provide updates on its release date at The Balancing Act Community blog (





National Geographic’s documentary Stress: Portrait of a Killer; on DVD from National Geographic and available for immediate streaming on Netflix.

See Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James L. Wilson or visit to learn more.)

Alan Deutschman, Change or Die

The TBA Change process also reflects the action-learning cycle of quality improvement. By adding the Core and Synergy, TBA turns the cycle into an upward spiral, i.e., (Be) à Think à Act à Reflect/Feel à Implement/Have à (Transform).


Comes from Centering in your Core

Holds your Hopes and choice to be Happy

Always moves you into Action

Navigates the way to success via your emotional GPS

Grows you Gradually into a person capable of Greater…

Ease, Energy, and ongoing Evolution.



Center - Happy - Act - Navigate - Grow - Evolve





The Coreporation, Inc (TCI):

Core Learning Services, Inc (CLSI): http:///

ThriveSignsGroup (TSGI),

SOS: Switch Off Stress (2013)

The Balancing Act: Mastering the 5 Elements of Success in Life, Relationships and Work (2001), 

Working from Your Core: Personal and Corporate Wisdom in a World of Change (1998)

Knowledge Leadership: The Art and Science of the Knowledge-based Organization (2005)

Magic at Work (1995).

Personal and music website:


 See Success Stories at to read testimonials from clients who have benefited from work in areas noted below,

Appendix D: Synopsis of The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act: Mastering the 5 Elements of Change in Life, Relationships and Work