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We have several new free services for Career Changers and Starters.

  • If you want to learn about your major strengths and weaknesses as a Starter or Career Changer, try out this quick webbased free sample and get an immediate report. 

You can learn more about The Balancing Act methodology by completing the free Individual Balance Sheet; this will help you assess your current strengths and weakness in the 5 Elements of Succes.

Go here if you would like to experience the distinctly different qualities of the 5 Elements of Success via an audio prepared by The Balancing Act author, Sharon Seivert. 

You also can explore the 10 Core Types from Working from Your Core by taking the short-form Core Type Profile. This will show you which of the 10 Core Types are strongest for you -- and what that means for your life, relationships and work.

Lastly, we offer a free phone consultation so you can explore how TCI's professional services might help you. Contact us by phone or e-mail to schedule a convenient time.

This no-obligation conversation will get your questions answered -- and, it will allow us to quickly assess whether or not we are the right people to help you break through to success.