The Coreporation, Inc provides powerful one-on-one coaching based on The Balancing Act to individuals who want to increase their personal and/or professional success and satisfaction. These one-on-one services include coaching for:

  • Personal, life or career transitions
  • Professional skill improvement
  • Executive development 
  • Entrepreneurial launches

To get an idea of the specific kinds of services we offer during each step of The Balancing Act Guided Change interventions, look to the sample list of services for Career Transition and Entrepreneurial Launches.

The individuals we serve include people who want to achieve their life dreams, professionals who need to become more effective, or individuals who are embarking on a "What do I do now!?!" adventures (ranging from recent graduates to retirees).  

A TCI coach can make a tremendous difference in your life, relationships and work in a short amount of time by teaching you tools you can use for the rest of your life, helping you navigate this specific transition, then showing you how to stay the course and attain sustainable results.

We also help people in personal or professional partnerships develop more functional relationships. And therapists use The Balancing Act as a pragmatic psychological approach to help their patients complete the healing process by following practical steps to become more effective in life and work.  

TCI also provides coaching to individuals at the request of organizations to help them perform their roles more effectively--or as a reward for high-talent professionals whom the company wants to retain. 

And lastly, individual students and teachers can benefit from The Balancing Act programs that are delivered by TCI's non-profit educational affiliate, Core Learning Services, Inc.

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