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We Can Help You Make Lasting Change

Breakthrough Conversations: If you, your team or organization are stuck or in crisis, having a discussion for a few hours with a TCI advisor can be just what you need to breakthrough. In a one-session dialogue with you, we bring our extensive experience and unique lens to help you identify the underlying reasons for the issue, reframe the problem, generate new solutions, and give you specific steps to resolve it yourself. 

Guided Change: TCI's expert advisors offer step-by-step Guided Change interventions for individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations that have been demonstrated to achieve extraordinary and lasting results. (See Success Stories.)

Lasting Results: As we all know, change is difficult, and despite our best efforts it rarely lasts long. However, TCI dramatically increases your odds of success by guiding you through The Balancing Act's 5-Element change model, where each step builds on and reinforces all the others. (See Approach to learn about the diverse intellectual and organization roots of our powerful change methodology.)   

If you would like to learn more about the specific services we provide in each of our Guided Change interventions, contact us. Instead of spending more time, effort, and money doing what is no longer working well for you, let us help you get unstuck, break through barriers that have kept you from achieving your goals--and then sustain the benefits from your change efforts.