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Are You Ready to Change Your Career? If so, we can help!

If you are stuck in a job where you're feeling overwhelmed, burned-out, underused or unfairly treated, we can help you start a new career by finding or creating work that is better suited to you and your talents! We have used The Balancing Act process to coach more than a thousand Career Changers over the past decade. Watch this short introductory video, then look at our full range of Career Services to find something that suits your needs. Please also check out our Career Changer' Success Stories.


ANNOUNCING NEW CAREER SERVICES TO FIT EVERY POCKETBOOK! These services range from FREE tests to professional profiles to interative guidebooks to expert coacing services. See the list below.

FREE SAMPLE CAREER REPORT. Take a 2-3 minute personal preference scale that will automatically provide you a FREE mini-report with your top strength & weakness as a Career Changer.  GET YOURS NOW.

FREE TEST: Good Reasons to Leave Your Job. GET YOURS NOW.

THE BALANCING ACT (in newly-released e-book format & original hard copy version).

CAREER STRENGTHS REPORT. Take the Career Strengths Scale, which will provide a 17-page report about how you ranked six vital traits–and what these results mean for your career transition. This report can serve as a checklist for the stages of The Balancing Act change process, show you what key issues you need to address at each stage, plus point out ways you can leverage your career strengths and address your career vulnerabilities.  GET YOURS NOW. 

CAREER CHANGER'S INTERACTIVE GUIDEBOOK is a unique “GPS & Dynamic Road Map” for Career Changers that could make all the difference for making a successful job shift. This is a uniquely powerful tool that will help you craft a personal and professional strategic plan that you can implement on your own time. The Career Changer’s Guidebook combines the Personal Balance Profile results + a virtual career coach + a proven step-by-step holistic change process + cutting edge web-based technology. GET YOURS NOW

For a “test-drive” of this powerful new tool, take the Career Changer's Video Tour.

The Career Changer's Interactive Guidebook shows you not only where you’re starting, but also reveals the most effective and quick route for arriving at your new career goal. Specifically, it:
  1. Develops a holistic strategic career plan that aligns your personal and professional goals.
  2. Keeps you on track: from leaving your current job to starting your new one (and beyond for continued career development).
  3. Provides personalized advice based on your own Personal Balance Profile (PBP) results, which are integrated throughout your GuideBook to reveal specific strengths and vulnerabilities at each step of The Balancing Act’s career change process.
  4. Provides continuous access via the Evernote platform—on-line, off-line, & mobile.
  5. Organizes your notes, important documents, contacts, photos, links, spreadsheets, etc. within the framework of the Balancing Act process – so you can easily adapt the CGB to make it your own.
  6. Offers an always-available virtual coach to guide you through each step of the change process (via writings, resource links, audio & video coaching, and exercises that have helped other Career Changers succeed).
  7. Steers you clear of common, costly career change errors. 
  8. Includes integrated measurements by which you can objectively reflect on your progress—and determine next steps.


The Career Changer's Interactive Guidebook is a highly effective tool for facilitating your success.  When you think of all the effort you will be putting into changing jobs--how much of your happiness is at stake here—and the time it would take to recover from mistakes and false starts (that we could have helped you avoid!)—then we think you'll agree that the Career Changer's Interactive Guidebook may be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.








CAREER COACHING SERVICES.  If you would like to learn about the career coaching we provide, please contact us for a free initial conversation.  We have worked with hundreds of Career Changers over the past decade to esure their success and happiness.  To set up a phone or Skype appointment with a senior Careerr coach, please e-mail SSeivert at (US) or Auke.vanKeulen at (Europe). 

CAREER TRAINING SERVICES for executive coaches and trainers who want to use The Balancing Act Career methodology and materials in their work--and/or for groups of Career Changers (for example, special programs for carer coaching firms, college student services, or workforce development groups).  This training combines on-site sessions, on-line learning, and inidivual coaching. To learn more about setting up a training engagement, contact Sharon Seivert or Auke van Keulen at the e-mails noted above.