Books & Publications

Members of the TCI Core Team are a prolific group of authors and researchers.  They have written numerous books, journal articles, guidebooks, and other publications -- some of which are noted here.

Books by the TCI Core Team


Foreign Language translations of The Balancing Act (Dutch and Spanish)


Chapters in Other Books: 



Cavaleri, S., and Reed F., (2008), Leading Dynamically Complex Projects, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Volume 1, No. 1


Cavaleri, S., and Reed F., (2001), Organizational Inquiry: The Search for Effective Knowledge, Knowledge and Innovation: Journal of the KMCI, Volume 1, No. 3


Cavaleri, S., and Reed F., (2000), Designing Knowledge Generating Processes, Knowledge and Innovation: Journal of the KMCI, Volume 1, No. 1


Reed, F. and Seivert, S., (1996), Identity and Values: The Implications of Autonomy for Individual and Organizational Learning, in Managing in Organizations that Learn, Steven Cavaleri and David Fearon editors, Blackwell, Cambridge


Interactive Guidebooks:


Developmental Guides:

  • Creating a New Life from the Inside-out
  • Crafting the Career of Your Dreams
  • Improving Key Relationships
  • Building it Yourself: The Entrepreneurial Developmental Guide
  • Leadership Developmental Guide
  • Executive Coaching Guide
  • Team-Building Guide
  • Organizational Development Guide


Non-profit Educational Program Guidebooks:

See Core Learning Services, Inc, (TCI's non-profit educational services sister organization) to learn more about the following programs for Youth: 

  • For students and teachers:
    • The Compass Course (student and teacher guides and lesson plans)
    • The Compass Anti-Bullying Program (student and teacher guides and lesson plans)
  • For returning soldiers: Moving from Surviving War to Thriving in Peace
  • For global education of girls and women: Supporting personal, family & Social change