Measure Success

Measurement demonstrates success--and points to next steps

Measure Success to objectively evaluate and reinforce your progress over time. The Balancing Act's measurement processes (including pre- and post-program assessments) are designed to provide ongoing feedback about what is working well versus what is not--and why--as you move to greater effectiveness and sustainable change.

TCI has a variety of tools that help our clients measure their current effectiveness, outline a strategic improvement course, then move steadily to achieving their stated goals. These tools include, but are not limited to, our sophisticated web-based assessments and developmental guides  

Providing measurements before, during and after TBA programs allows our clients to more easily measure their success--and it also helps them demonstrate that success to a variety of stakeholders. Moreover, these measurements reveal just how successful TCI has been in helping our clients meet their goals and improve their effectiveness.

For example, if a client was having particular difficulty in their Interactions, then the improvement in that element (as shown in these test/retest results) would indicate that the client was on the right track.

Ongoing, reliable measurement processes support TCI's clients and consultants to intelligently refine and adjust their efforts, then determine the next steps for continued progress.  

Clearly, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving success. That's why TCI's pragmatic approach is designed to support you in discovering and doing what works best for you.

Useful Measurement Tools for Individuals, Leaders, Teams and Organizations

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