Manage Change

Creating Healthy Adaptation and Sustainable Change

Manage Change and sustain adaptation by using The Balancing Act process to overcome barriers and reduce backsliding. 

Growth is rarely easy--even when it is vital for survival. However, TCI's 5 step approach significantly increases the chances of sustainable change by providing a powerful compass, an excellent roadmap, and expert guides.

Unfortunately, most attempts to change fail when they encounter significant internal or external resistance (e.g., ingrained habits or powerful counter-interests).  

However, by following the 5 steps outlined in The Balancing Act's change model, you can dramatically increase your odds of success.

  1. Renew/Restart (Stop doing what's not working; from your Core decide what needs to change and why)
  2. Reframe (Change your Mind; rethink and challenge your beliefs, paradigms and Vision)
  3. Re-prioritize (Reexamine and readjust your priorities; then move into consistent action)
  4. Relate (Relate only to people who support your positive changes)
  5. Repeat (Implement new habits by repeating them again and again over time)

The Balancing Act's powerful change process results in comprehensive Re-formation of your life and work. It stimulates your intuition and creative problem-solving capabilities, improves your resilience, and increases your energy and excitement as you come closer and closer to achieving your goals.  

Furthermore, rather than thinking of change in terms of one-shot makeovers or re-designs, TBA's pragmatic incremental growth process allows you to turn the insights you gain and the small successes you achieve along the way into an increasingly powerful, reality-based conviction that you have everything you need to realize your objectives.

Managing Change for Individuals, Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

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