Balance Elements

Find new strength through a new kind of balance

Balance Elements by paying attention to each one of them. In The Balancing Act process, we recommend moving in a step-by-step process through each one of the elements (as diagramed below) to make certain each element is properly addressed, then balanced and aligned. 

Unfortunately, most individuals, leaders, teams and organizations react to difficulties by doing more of what has worked well for them in the past. Over time, this results in increasing imbalance--and eventually, malfunction. It's a bit like trying to fix a flat tire by overinflating a different tire.  

To avoid a "blow out" all you need to do is strike a reasonable, ongoing balance among all the Elements of Success--so that each one of them is functioning adequately. This ensures that your journey to success will go much more smoothly.

This component of The Balancing Act methodology helps you fix any weak links while simultaneously becoming less dependent on your current strong suit. This logical step-by-step evaluative and developmental process increases your efficiency by showing you how to redirect resources and energy to where they can do the most good.

TCI's programs combine on-line assessments and developmental tools that provide specific feedback and techniques you can use to bring all the Elements of Success into greater balance. 

Balancing Elements for Individuals, Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

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