Assess Strengths

A Clear Starting Point to Launch a Successful Journey

Assess Strengths and weaknesses--and the degree to which the 5 Elements are in-balance or out-of-balance with each other--to mark a clear starting point for your developmental journey.

TCI provides sophisticated on-line assessments that are an integral part of our pragmatic programs for individuals, leaders, teams and organizations. These pre and post-program assessments provide the compass and roadmap that will guide you to creating success from the Core.

In many cases, individuals, leaders, teams and organizations are unaware of the inconsistencies among their efforts. Nor do people usually see how this inconguenty creates barriers to success.  

By using TCI's powerful assessments as benchmarks, it is much easier to see hidden imbalances (such as those pictured in these two profile graphs). Imbalances such as these act as impediments to progress, so effective action must be taken to address them.

At the start of The Balancing Act process, TCI assesses our client's strengths and developmental needs in each of the 5 Elements of Success, so that none of them becomes a weak link as they create their "success chain."

However it is not the objective of The Balancing Act process to have our clients attain a perfect balance among all the elements. Not only is that impossible, it is also undesirable to strive for such a static state because the real world is very dynamic and requires us to adapt effectively to the changes in our life, work and environment.

The Balancing Act's powerful assessments are designed to help you first see yourself, your team or organization objectively, in a non-blaming and supportive way, and then provide practical developmental tools so you can adapt with confidence no matter how things change around you.







Assessments and Development Tools for Individuals, Leaders, Teams, Organizations

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