Align Links

Alignment takes you wherever you want to go

Align Links among all the elements.  Just as a pile of links does not make an effective chain, neither can the Elements of Success form a powerful "success chain" if you do not deliberately link them together. When linked together, all the elements positively reinforce each other. Without alignment, any one of the 5 Elements of Success can become too dominant, or coversely a weak link, thereby sabotaging your best intentions.

When the links between each of the Elements of Success are aligned, they continually reinforce each other and the overall strength of the entire chain. This is how Synergy is created over time, so your efforts are magnified in effectiveness and your results greatly improved.

In The Balancing Act methodology, alignment is the key to moving from a positive state of new balance (which is a prerequisite) to a supercharged lift-off that can take you more quickly to your destination. 

Alignment is the part of The Balancing Act process that makes certain that the entire system acts congruently, like a unified whole. The process of alignment helps make the journey you're on less of an ordeal and more of a pleasant learning experience.

The benefits of Alignment for Individuals, Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

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