What stands between you and success?

The Coreporation Inc (TCI) provides solutions for even the most resistant problems in your personal life, relationships, leadership, teams and organizations. We can help you build a strong Core-based platform for sustainable success that integrates and aligns every aspect of your life and organization. 

With our pragmatic and holistic approach, not only can you solve the specific problem that brought you to our site, but you also will discover and resolve the root causes of this problem (so it does not reappear), maintain any ground you gain from our work together, and take away the tools you need to continue evolving into a self-designed, and much more satisfying, future.

In the book The Balancing Act:Mastering the 5 Elements of Success in Life, Relationships, and Workauthor Sharon Seivert describes five critical elements that connect your Core Identity and values to the actual results you see in your life, relationships and organizations. 

At The Coreporation Inc. (TCI), we think of these five Elements of Success as vital links in a "chain" of Success.

When these five links are properly developed, balanced, and aligned, not only do you become much stronger, but you also can contribute more effectively to the teams and organizations to which you belong. The Balancing Act process results in positive ripple effects no matter if you turn your attention first to the personal or organizational level.

The Balancing Act's proven methodology reveals, then removes, whatever stands between you and success. It includes works well for individuals, leaders, teams and organizations and includes several key processes (noted below) that leverage your current assets, then remove the obstacles that stand between you and your success:

Recognize the 5 distinct elements that are vital to success and that form a powerful whole. Awareness of these elements and their relationships is the first step in improving your chances of success.  Read More

Assess Strengths and weaknesses--and the degree to which the 5 Elements are in-balance or out-of-balance with each other--to mark a clear starting point for your developmental journey.  Read more

Balance Elements by paying attention to all of them. Unfortunately, most of us react to difficulties by doing more of what has worked well in the past. Over time, this results in imbalance--and eventually, malfunction. Read more

Align Links among the elements to make your "success chain" unbreakable.  Just as a pile of links does not make an effective chain, neither can the elements if you do not deliberately link them together. Read more

Manage Change and create sustainable adaptation by using the Elements of Success to overcome barriers and reduce backsliding. Growth is rarely easy--even when it is vital for survival. Read more

Measure Success to objectively evaluate and reinforce your progress over time. TBA's measurement processes provide ongoing feedback about what is working well versus what is not--and why.  Read more

Multiply Effects: No matter where our individual or organizational clients start in The Balancing Act change process, our experience is that they create positive ripple effects in other areas. Read more